I Need Your Love: By Byron Katie



Loving What Is By Byron Katie


A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are By Byron Katie


Who Would you Be Without Your Story? Dialogues with Byron Katie


Question Your Thinking, Change the World: Quotations from Bryon Katie


Tiger Tiger, Is it True?: Four Questions to Make You Smile By Byron Katie and Hans Wilhem Story for children using The Work


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Making Your Thoughts Work for you with Byron Katie and Wayne Dyer



The Worksheet

One Belief at a Time Worksheet

Instructions for Doing The Work



Byron Katies website




Loves Hidden Symmetry By Bert Hellinger (copies are available directly from us simply contact us via )


Roots of Love by Svagito Liebermeister


Supporting Love : How Love Works in Couple Relationships by Johannes Neuhauser and Colleen Beaumond


In My Mind's Eye: Family Constellations in Individual Therapy and Counselling. by Ursula Franke


Entering Inner Images. A Creative Use of Constellations in Individual Therapy, Counselling, Groups and Self-Help by Eva Madelung and Barbara Innecken (We have hard copies for sale please contact us at


You Are One of Us: Systemic Insights and Solutions for Teachers, Students and Parents by Marianne Franke-Grickson

(only available as an ebook only)

Even if it Cost Me My Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness By Stephan Hausner



Human Systems Institute Resources

Articles with Constellationflow



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RelationChips online realtime App



Meditations Endless Wave, Vol. 1 by Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors


Osho Kundalini Meditation by Osho Active Meditation (Series) and Deuter (Audio CD - 1996) – Enhanced


Dynamic Meditation by Deuter and Osho Active Meditation (Series) Audio CD – 1999


Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation by Osho Active Meditation (Series) and Kaoma (Audio CD - 1992)


Osho Chakra Sounds by Osho Active Meditation (Series) and Karunesh (Audio CD - 1993)


Nadabrahma by Osho Active Meditation (Series) and Deuter (Audio CD - 1992) – Enhanced


Nataraj by Osho Active Meditation (Series) and Deuter (Audio CD - 1992) – Enhanced



Create Your Day: An Invitation to Open Your Mind (Ramtha)


What the Bleep Do We Know



The Gift of Therapy: An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients by Irvin Yalom


What Therapists Don't Talk about and Why: Understanding Taboos that Hurt Us and Our Clients By Beverly Greene



The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living by Russ Harris and Steven Hayes




Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner's brain and attachment style can help you defuse conflict and build a secure relationship By Stan Tatkin


Your Brain on Love: The Neurobiology of Healthy Relationships By Stan Tatkin



Love and War in Intimate Relationships: Connection, Disconnection and Mutual Regulation in Couple Therapy by Stan Tatkin and Marion Solomon




Intimate Communion: Awakening Your Sexual Essence By David Deida

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'The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers' By Margo Anand


'Tantra, Spirituality and Sex' By Osho


The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment ~ Diana Richardson




Breathing Exercise for Women



'Aphrodite's Daughter: Women’s Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul' By Jalaja Bonheim


'Circle of Stones: A Woman's Journey to Herself' By Judith Duerk


I Sit Listening to the Wind: Woman's Encounter with Herself (Circle of Stones Vol 2) By Judith Duerk


Dear Lover: A Woman's Guide to Men, Sex and Love's Deepest Bliss' By David Deida


Tantric Orgasm for Women By Diana Richardson



Womens’ Wellbeing Association

Sensuality Boutique for Women




The Way of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guides to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work & Sexual Desire By David Deida


Tantric Sex for Men: Making Love a Meditation By Diana & Michael Richardson


Support organizations:

Men’s Health and Wellbeing QLD




Incredible You: 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through by Dr Wayne Dyer


Unstoppable Me! 10 Ways to Soar Through Life by Dr Wayne Dyer


Giraffe Juice: The Magic of Making Life Wonderful by JP Allen, M Winters & T Laporte


Where Did I come From L A Guide for Children and Parents By Peter Mayle & Sanders


What's Happening to Me? A Guide to Puberty By Peter Mayle and Arthur Robins


Whats the Big Secret: Talking About Sex with Girls and Boys By Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown




Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children Dr Thomas Gordon


Be Your Best By Linda Adams


Non-violent Communication: A Language of Life - Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships by Marshall Rosenberg






Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body By Peter Levine (workbook with CD)


In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness By Peter Levine


Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma By Peter Levine


Trauma Through a Child Eyes: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing By Peter Levine


Potatoes not Prozac: Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity By Dr Kathleen DesMaisons


The Brain that Changes itself By Norman Diodge


The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles By Bruce Lipton


Molecules of Emotion: The Science behind Mind-Boyd Medicine By Candace Pert


Body Mind Balancing: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body By Osho (Book and Guided Meditation CD)



Radiant Recovery: Healing Addiction through Nutrition 7 step program for sugar sensitive people




What Colour is Your Parachute 2016: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changer By Richard Nelson Bolles


Invisible Dynamics. Systemic Constellations in Organisations and in Business by Klaus P. Horn, Regine Brick, and Colleen Beaumont


Leadership Effectiveness Training L.E.T.: The Proven People Skills for Today's Leaders Tomorrow By Thomas Gordon


A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose ~ Eckhart Tolle



Organizational Constellations: Basics and Special Situations By Gunthard Weber