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Downloads are updated regularly. If you find a broken link or are unable to access the files, please let us know.

What Is Family Constellations Animation? web

A short explanatory animation

An Insight into Family Constellations web

By Brenda Sutherland

Family Meditation pdf

Those who Belong Belong

10 Steps to Visioning Your Life pdf

Lucia Capacchione

2017 VIC & QLD Calendars pdf

For Certificate & Diploma

Developing Empathy web

with Helen Reiss (Psychiatrist)

The Practice of Self Enquiry the Ramana Way pdf

The Practice of Self Enquiry the Ramana Way

Leaving or Staying in a Relationship m4a

Listen to Byron Katie enquire into how to leave peacefully or discover what is really true Mp3

Kundalini Meditation web

Active Meditation: Shaking, dancing witnessing and silence. Using activity to drop into non-activity
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