The Work of Byron Katie

Time Magazine described The Work of Byron Katie as: "4 Questions to Inner Peace". Through self enquiry into our beliefs they let go of us and what remains is the deepest truth of who you are - peace, compassion and humility.

Key Information

Brisbane, starting 14 April 2018
Brisbane: $295 inc GST (early bird)

Melbourne, starting 17 March 2018
Melbourne: $295 inc GST (early bird)

2 day program per Part, includes manual, Loving What is booklet, worksheets


Course Summary

'I don't let go of concepts, I question them. Then they let go of me' Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie is a radical approach that doesn't have any answers - it has something better - the questions. People who use The Work experience extraordinary and lasting impact on their daily lives, in their relationships, career, with their health etc.

Time magazine called it "4 Questions to Inner Peace"

"An unquestioned mind is a world of suffering" Byron Katie


Instead of trying to suppress our judgments we have about others or life experiences we will use them as a starting point for self-realization. Doing so allows us to discover the real source of distress in life is only ever our thinking. As we cease trying desperately to get reality to match our stories of how it "should be" we start to experience the peace and happiness that comes when we stop wanting everything to be different than it is.

"When you argue with reality you lose, but only 100% of the time." Byron Katie


  • Enquire into your relationship with your family, partner, children, health, wealth, life, work and much more.
  • Bring your suffering, distress, frustration - enquire into what is truly causing the suffering
  • Great for starting out and/or wanting to consolidate your understanding of The Work of Byron Katie.
  • "It was an incredible weekend of insights and connection in an extremely supported, gentle space."

    Alex Teacher, Mother

  • "The Work works!!! .....So my cynicism, my depression (so far that I can tell) has shifted and I'm open to love for myself and others. Still a long way to go of course, but I am also more confident in my abilities as a counsellor now I feel I have a strong basis, and method, to work from. So thank you Brenda for bringing the course in to my world. I have looked up to many women in my life who I hold as strong, beautiful and able to share their love, and you are one of them... I now feel I can admire myself, and through the love of myself my compassion for others has taken on a deeper level..."

    Jaz Youth Worker

  • "It was an amazing and very deep experience. the information and practical experience was incredible and I felt full"

    Jo Christmas Nurse

  • ""I really had the most wonderful weekend I have had in a long time. Some real breakthroughs. For someone as cerebral as me, Katie's practical inquiry really helps me open up things that I never knew I could. And your facilitation Wendy was wonderful - I found you to be very kind and easy to talk to and also interesting and open. Feeling very grateful today""

    J Flynn Student

  • "Wow what a weekend of self enquiry!"

    A Large Naturopath

  • "The weekend with Wendy was inspiring. I love “ the Work” and had already done a bit of work last week in the lead up to the weekend. Wendy made it very clear and easy to understand the process, the questions, pacing “the work” with the client and only gently pushing when there was an impass. Her student live sessions were held in a sensitive and client focused / paced manner. She was patient with students struggling with the concept and also acknowledged those for whom ‘The Work ‘seemed more natural. I already feel that the journey towards being a facilitator in The Work one day is part of my life path! I love the weekend and feel you have a sensitive and intelligent facilitator in Wendy!"

    R Meads Corporate

Course Content

Work of Byron Katie weekends comprise of 2 days per part. Each participant needs to do Part I prior to Part II or have had an individual session using The Work of Byron Katie. 

Includes workbook, Loving What is booklet, Judge Your Neighbour worksheets, morning and afternoon tea

Part 1: Part I
Trainer: Rosie Stave

2 days

  • An Introduction on How to do The Work of Byron Katie
  • Literal Listening - Listening without adding to another's story
  • Identifying Transparent beliefs
  • Enquirying into our stressful thoughts with The Work of Byron Katie so the beliefs let go of us
  • Introduction to using The Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet
  • Discover The One Belief At a Time Worksheet you can use anytime
  • The Gift of Criticism introduction
  • Demonstrations of The Work of Byron Katie enquiry process
  • In class exercises
  • Many resources to use and access
Part 2: Part II

2 days

  • Saying "No" or "Yes" - Who is it I have difficulty saying "No" to or saying "Yes" to? What are my stressful thoughts?
  • Inquiry using The Worksheets
  • Doing The Work of Byron on Myself - "I", personal stories of self, body illness etc
  • Stressful Events - What were my motives? Why don't I say "No" or "Yes" to myself?
  • Wants - Why I think I can't get what I want? Practice asking, beliefs that stop us....
  • The Gift of Criticism - Taking it deeper, How to receive. What was it like? Beliefs appearing and enquiry.
  • Turnarounds: Meeting life as it is, my thinking, shoulds,how I drink in my thinking and much more


Course details

Dates: Part I

  • 14th & 15th April 2018 Brisbane with Rosie Stave 
  • 17th & 18th March 2018 Melbourne with Rosie Stave
Dates: Part II
  • Melbourne 20th & 21st October 2018 Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm Part II with Wendy Davidson
  • Brisbane 13th & 14th October 2018 Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm Part II with Rosie Stave
  • Please note participants who have not done Part I in Part II your facilitator will introduce all participants again to The Work of Byron Katie in class.

  • Melbourne Australian Shiatsu College 103 Evans St, East Brunswick
  • Brisbane Bardon Counselling Centre 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon 


  • Earlybird $295 GST incl per weekend
  • $315 GST incl full price
  • Discounts for group bookings
  • Limited enrolments per state 
  • Morning and Afternoon tea provided

Individual Sessions


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