Emergency Counselling for Flood Survivors

Free Counselling for NSW and QLD survivors

Key Information

Online, starting 04 April 2017
Online: $0 inc GST (early bird)

The Awakening Group has gathered team of counsellors together who are available to support flood survivors struggling with loss, overwhelm, grief, shock and need to support. We are here to talk it through so you have a sense of self, support and a plan forward.

Course Content

Getting the Support to Help You Through

Natural Disasters often leave us overwhelmed and with feelings of:

  • Hopelessness and immobilisation
  • Anger
  • Grief and loss
  • Hyperarousal and unable to relax or sleep 
  • Despair
  • Unable to fathom what to do.
  • Feeling numb and frozen
  • and so much more...


As a team we are here to talk with

We are a group of counsellors trained to work with crisis, often lived through crises, and are here to support your journey to get things back on track, including yourself and your connection to others and the community.


Course details


Available Monday to Sunday until 8am to 9pm



Online using Zoom face to face counselling platform



Free. Choose how long you need up to an hour.  


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