The Awakening Group is a team of creative practitioners of world renowned innovative programs in the area of personal and professional development.

  • NEW Systemic Constellation Facititator Training

    We are pleased to announce that we are running the Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training again in 2017. This exciting program offers a variety of teaching forums:face to face classes, webinars, online constellation apps, video mentoring, individual and group coaching, international webinars, huge amount of online resources etc.

    JOIN US and take this work into individual sessions, classrooms, organisations, working with couples and groups with this strength based training program

    STARTS June 2017

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  • Family Constellations workshops

    You are a Symptom Bearer - its not personal, its systemic. 

    Discover what that annoying relationship pattern, illness, feeling, inability to launch forward points to as you move in tune with your ancestors

    Join is in Melbourne or Brisbane to move in Tune with your Ancestors

    Family Constellations workshop with Brenda Sutherland

    & Catherine Ingram-Silver

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  • NEW


    New Online Booking system makes it easier to book an Individual, couple or online session.

    Just a few clicks and the system automatically reminds you. 


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  • New Mobile App

    The Awakening Group mobile app is now avilable at itunes for ipads, iphones and iOS

    or via Amazon for android phones. 

    Keep up to date with all the new articles, animations, workshops and community. 


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